Sales Director

Position Title: Sales Director

Location: New York, NY

Reports to: Managing Director

Positional Summary:

  • The Sales Director will manage sales campaigns for RealINSIGHT. A campaign will involve doing research on a target market/submarket to determine a list of potential clients & total annual recurring revenue, preparing relevant marketing materials, creating a field sales action plan and, ultimately, directly participating in the execution of the plan.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Market Research/Potential Client Targeting
    • Work with management to identify problems of the target segment.
    • Work with management to understand how our product would address the problems.
    • Work with management to formulate value proposition.
    • Identify companies that meet the criteria of the value proposition.
    • Create model to show gross market annual recurring revenue versus acquisition cost.

    Marketing Materials

    • Prepare campaign expense budget.
    • Work with web site developers on any custom content necessary for a campaign.
    • Assist with design & approval of brochures & hand-outs.
    • Prepare content for mass e-mail.
    • Prepare presentation for potential client demonstrations.
    • Prepare presentation for trade show booth.
    • Work with Client Services to have system ready for demonstration.

    Field Sales Action Plan

    • Ensure anyone giving potential client presentations is prepared.
    • Ensure anyone working a trade show booth is prepared.
    • Create potential client attack plan (steps to close deal) & schedule.
    • Prepare weekly plan update for management.
    • As a result of feedback, adjust plan & material as necessary.

    Field Sales

    • For each assigned potential client, execute the attack plan & schedule.
    • Optimize each potential client interaction to move to next step in the plan.
    • Give potential client presentations & product demonstrations.
    • Record feedback of potential client interactions for management update report.

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