CWCapital Asset Management


CWCapital utilizes technology to support the full life cycle of a loan, including pre-bid due diligence and advisory services, post-award structuring and bond analysis, surveillance, asset management, special servicing, investment services, and dispositions.

Key Statistics

  • Over $221B UPB of named special servicing
  • Over $100B B-pieces underwritten
  • CWCapital’s client roster includes some of the top institutional investors in the world
  • 20+ years of workout experience across all asset types

Acquisition Services

Our full-service acquisition and valuation teams have deep expertise in B-piece buying, bond modeling, and real estate valuation. We have been underwriting, investing, and servicing at-risk and defaulted loans since industry inception.

With the power of RealINSIGHT Technology, CWCapital is able to provide the most comprehensive information and custom tailor the acquisition process to client specification.

Our experience, access to data, and local relationships distinguish us from our competitors.

Team Formation:

  • Dedicated B-piece acquisition diligence team
  • Roundtable consisting of senior members of the acquisition, valuations, and asset management teams

Pre-Bid Services:

  • Data tape review
  • Asset Summary Report (ASR) review
  • Local market contacts
  • Issuer Q&A
  • Roundtable meetings

Post-Award Services:

  • Deal management
  • Individual loan review
  • Loan file due diligence
  • Site inspection
  • Market reconnaissance including Broker calls
  • Sponsor and tenant data

Structuring, Bond Analytics, and Advisory Services

When a new pool is being formed and bid, there are no bond structures or public models available. For our clients, we build a preliminary structure and analysis that allows investors to evaluate their overall investment in the transaction.

CWCapital offers Advisory Services on an a la carte basis depending on client preference, with the availability to tailor additional ongoing analytical, market information, research and other portfolio services at client request. CWCapital also offers CLO advisory services, including loan subservicing and collateral management services.

Pre-Bid Services:

  • Design and build bond structure and analytical model
  • Generate and evaluate all cash flow stress test, research and propose pricing yields
  • Assist in preparation of investment memo and bid letter

Post-Award Services:

  • Update analytic package
  • Finalize investment analysis, cash flows, and investment memo
  • Assist in transaction pricing, trade confirmation, and settlement logistics

Asset Management and Special Servicing

CWCapital Asset Management (“CWCAM”) has developed some of the most sophisticated resolution strategies in special servicing, an integral component of commercial real estate investment.


  • Experience across all major asset types including office, retail, multifamily, mixed-use, hospitality, and industrial
  • Asset Management throughout the U.S., including primary, secondary, and tertiary markets
  • Oversight of property management, leasing, capital expenditures, and dispositions
  • Extensive local market contacts including property managers, leasing brokers, and investors
  • Ranked “Strong” by S&P Global
  • Rated “CSS1-” by Fitch
  • Dedicated team of Asset Managers
  • Surveillance capabilities including watchlist, consents, and assumptions
  • Post-disposition asset management services

Investment Management

CWCapital’s dedicated investment team, CWCapital Investment Management, coupled with CWCAM’s extensive asset management expertise, provides a hands-on approach to investment management that has proven critical in identifying and executing effective value-add initiatives. Our team focuses on value-add and opportunistic transactions in the multifamily, office, retail, and hotel sectors.

Since its inception, CWCapital Investment Management has successfully acquired over $1 billion of distressed loans and properties across the U.S. and Grand Cayman.

Risk Management

ConvergentRisk Insurance Agency LLC (“CRIA”) provides Risk Management and Insurance solutions to the commercial real estate industry, providing clients with the most professional, knowledgeable, and trustworthy solutions and services possible.