Our online commercial real estate sales platform, RI Marketplace (“Marketplace”) provides local, national, and international investors the opportunity to review and bid on commercial real estate assets throughout the country.


Easy to Use. Easy to Find, Easy to Understand.

The sales platform is managed by a dedicated team of commercial real estate experts, with over $11 billion in online real estate sales. Our experts have backgrounds in real estate asset management, underwriting, acquisitions, and dispositions.

Since its launch in 2017, Marketplace has established itself as a market leader in CRE auctions. Marketplace has sold assets for the largest real estate owners and has transacted over $2.9 billion in sales price.

Why Marketplace?

A key differentiator between Marketplace and other online CRE auction platforms is that Marketplace’s real estate dispositions team is made up of industry experts. The Marketplace team has immediate access to Brokers in key markets, internal valuations teams, and an in-house marketing team. That means better support, certainty of execution, and custom and adaptable marketing strategies readily available.

Marketplace brings Buyers, Sellers, and Brokers together to efficiently list, market, and close deals.


Sellers use Marketplace because it is a secure, transparent, and an extremely efficient way of selling real estate. Sellers who have used Marketplace have found more certainity of execution with the Marketplace online sales platform than their traditional marketing processes.

The Marketplace platform provides a thorough Bidder Qualification process, standardized contracts, and hard deposits from the Winning Bidder, which allows our Sellers to close quickly.

Advantages for Selling Commercial Real Estate on Marketplace:

  • Support Provided from a Team of CRE Experts
  • Secure and Transparent Sales Process
  • Robust Investor Database Providing National Reach
  • Vetted and Qualified Bidder Registration Process
  • Seller Dashboard for Real-Time Tracking and Performance Metrics
  • Custom Marketing Strategies Created and Implemented by Internal Marketing Team


Marketplace was originally created to provide Brokers with any easier way to share and promote commercial real estate asset sales. Marketplace developed a dashboard specifically for Brokers, which provides them with leads in real-time and helps Brokers sell deals with less re-trade risk on an accelerated timeline.

Advantages for Brokers when using Marketplace:

  • Efficient Sales Method Allowing Deals to Close Faster
  • Custom Marketing Strategies Created and Implemented by Internal Marketing Team
  • Robust Investor Database Providing National Reach
  • Secure Data Vaults and Immediate Access to Leads
  • Broker Dashboard for Real-Time Tracking and Performance Metrics
  • Opportunity for Cooperating Broker Fee Commissions

Brokers are able to utilize both selling methods on Marketplace, Traditional Listings and Auctions. Both are free for Brokers to use.


Commercial Real Estate Investors use Marketplace due to the availability of opportunities, wealth of diligence materials available, and responsiveness to inquiries. Once registered, Investors receive regular announcements on all new listings, auction assets, and sale events so they never miss an opportunity for a new investment.

Investors are fully vetted by our Bidder Registration team to ensure only the most qualified investors are participating in our online sale events.

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