In 2016, RealINSIGHT launched a cloud-based investment management system for loans and commercial real estate. More information is available in the RealINSIGHT website.

Why RealINSIGHT Technology?

RealINSIGHT allows our team and investors to integrate with external systems, easily configure data, store comprehensive data models, alert users when key events occur, and deliver customized reports and analytics to key stakeholders all within one CRE-focused software solution.

Easy to Use. Easy to Find. Easy to Understand.

The data analytics that is captured within RealINSIGHT Technology allows its users to leverage Business Intelligence to take raw data and make it into meaningful connections that can then be turned into actionable information.

With a full loan and property surveillance database, our team and investors can efficiently monitor asset performance, create business plans, and track borrower consent requests.

RealINSIGHT Technology allows us to track the details of loan, equity, and collateral activity, and roll up the results into top-level analysis and reports, allowing our team and investors to stay up-to-date on asset critical performance indicators, cash flow projections, and investor returns. RealINSIGHT makes it easy to share information, allowing our team and/or investors to send performance updates and portfolio overview trends by product, manager, fund, or investor to key stakeholders.

RealINSIGHT Solutions

Organizational Excellence

  • Utilize one system of record across teams and departments
  • Centralize data, documents, and contacts
  • Standardize information
  • Make meaningful connections
  • Gain remote access from any device

Workflows and Collaboration

  • Communicate in Real-Time
  • Build out workflows and approval chains
  • Create checklists and ad hoc tasks
  • Automate alerts and event triggers
  • Easily manage documents
  • Monitor comment logs and audit trails

Underwriting and Due Diligence

  • Customize forms, templates, databases, and excel models
  • Easily integrate with external systems
  • Manage complicated capital structures
  • Add unlimited external data sources
  • Benchmark Financials

Surveillence and Reporting

  • Easily search, sort, and filter
  • Gain geographic exposure
  • Automate covenant tracking
  • View dashboards and data analytics
  • Receive portfolio stats and watchlists
  • Monitor compliance and risk management

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